Welcome to the Sky Skills website. Sky Skills coaches all levels of skydivers so they can improve their free-fall skills and at the same time have more fun than they thought possible. We do this by using the best purpose-built skydiving Wind Tunnel in the world and by offering them the best in Wind Tunnel Coaching. See the learning and fun you can have with Sky Skills in a wind tunnel or through the sport of skydiving, by clicking here.
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The Sky Skills Advantage

Sky Skills designs unique training programmes specifically for each client and uses the very best Wind Tunnel Coaching tools and techniques. This ensures you learn at your fastest rate and in the way that is best suited to the way you learn. Sky Skills recognises "one size does not fit all", tailoring every coaching programme to meet every individual's needs. By using a state of the art Wind Tunnel and the best, safest and most enjoyable training environment which is designed for skydivers, you will learn more and faster than you thought possible and raise your skydiving performance to the highest levels.

Whether you want to try out a Wind Tunnel for the experience, have some in-air Wind Tunnel Coaching before starting your AFF course, build on your existing skydiving skills or if you have a team that is looking to really increase their performance, Sky Skills Wind Tunnel Coaching is, without a doubt, for you.

The photo above is of Sky Skills Principal Coach, Chris Shaw (white helmet, on the left), in action coaching Freddy a Formation Skydiver and Team mate, in the Bodyflight Bedford wind tunnel.  After coming to Sky Skills for  coaching, Freddy has really enhanced his competitive Formation Skydiving skills. Freddy has also worked with Sky Skills to prepare for several World Records he subsequently achieved.

You can see Chris in video action, coaching at Bodyflight by clicking here .

This year Chris Shaw is in a 4 way team called Paradox, who train at Twinwoods Adventures. If you'd like to see Paradox in action in the Perris Wind Tunnel, in California, to give you an idea of what is possible using an indoor Wind Tunnel for training, click here . See Paradox in action from their recent training camp by clicking here

Chris was also in a 4 way team (with Freddy, in the photo above and 2 other team mates). This team, Siolfur 330, representing GB, won the Gold medal at the world meet in Holland in July 2012, the first 4-way gold medal won by Team GB.

To see more details of the awsome Skydiver's wind tunnel where Sky Skills Wind Tunnel Coaching operates, Bodyflight Bedford, click here: Bodyflight

Please email Chris Shaw for information, to discuss options or for bookings.



You can find many more pictures and videos of Chris Shaw in his various teams, plus many other excellent skydiving photos, videos and informative articles on skydiving, at Nigel Rowlan's skydive kent

All Photos courtesy of Nigel Rowlan Photography

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